Huck Finn Jubilee

This is your destination for all things bluegrass and the Huck Finn Jubilee, where the banjos are always playing and that high, lonesome sound is heard above the rest. Whether you’re a bluegrass, newgrass, or jamgrass fan, join us to celebrate America’s favorite music genre and the festival that brings it to the West Coast, the Huck Finn Jubilee. Here I will discuss bluegrass in general, especially its complex history and importance in American culture, as well as the festival itself. I hope that by bringing more attention to bluegrass that more people will fall in love with the genre and help keep it alive among old fans and potential new fans, as the interest in such music among younger generation is fading. And now, with the changes happening within the Huck Finn Jubilee (one of the best bluegrass festivals in the country), I wanted to develop a place where fans of this legendary festival can come and share their stories of years past and the future.

I would love to hear from other Huck Finn Jubilee fans (and, of course, bluegrass fans that are not yet acquainted with the festival). If you have any stories, photos, or opinions about Huck Finn Jubilee or bluegrass in general, please share! I’m always looking to meet new bluegrass fans that already enjoy Huck Finn Jubilee; if you’ve never been, I’m happy to introduce it to you. Feel free to contact me!

bluegrass vs newgrass

Bluegrass vs. Newgrass

Bluegrass fans agree that the music genre is more than just banjos and fiddles. They also agree about its storied history, its prominence in American culture and its general importance. What many disagree about is its path into the future.

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camping at huckfinn jubilee

How to Camp at Huck Finn Jubilee

In my opinion, one of the great attractions of the annual Huck Finn Jubilee is the availability of camping grounds. There are plenty of options for car, tent, and RV camping offering comfortable and convenient access to everything the festival has to offer. Located at Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park in Ontario, Huck Finn Jubilee provides campers with an ideal setting from which to enjoy the multi-day music festival, with green grass, towering trees, two stocked lakes and even a water play park to enjoy throughout the day.

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festival rules

The Unwritten Rules of Festival-Going

Music festivals are not anything new. Hundreds are held every year around the world and hundreds of thousands of people flock to them faithfully to enjoy the music, the company of friends, food, drink, and the overall adventure of it all. These festivals have become an integral part of bluegrass music, having gained popularity in the ‘60s and continuing through today.

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String Cheese Incident at Huck Finn

The String Cheese Incident, a popular band that dabbles in progressive bluegrass/country/jam/every music genre under the sun, was a welcome addition to the traditional bluegrass lineup—which included the legendary The Del McCoury Band—at this year’s Huck Finn Jubilee.

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