String Cheese Incident at Huck Finn

The String Cheese Incident, a popular band that dabbles in progressive bluegrass/country/jam/every music genre under the sun, was a welcome addition to the traditional bluegrass lineup—which included the legendary The Del McCoury Band—at this year’s Huck Finn Jubilee.

The String Cheese Incident, a band formed in the ‘90s and hailing from Colorado, played two nights at the annual festival in California and allowed some of the more straight-laced folks to get up and get dancing, enjoying a new type of bluegrass. The first night, shown here in this video, treated fans new and old to The String Cheese Incident’s assortment of songs and covers. The first up was the often-covered “Don’t It Make You Wanna Dance,” getting the crowd pumped for the next two hours of bluegrass.

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