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How to Camp at Huck Finn Jubilee

In my opinion, one of the great attractions of the annual Huck Finn Jubilee is the availability of camping grounds. There are plenty of options for car, tent, and RV camping offering comfortable and convenient access to everything the festival has to offer. Located at Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park in Ontario, Huck Finn Jubilee provides campers with an ideal setting from which to enjoy the multi-day music festival, with green grass, towering trees, two stocked lakes and even a water play park to enjoy throughout the day.

First Things First—Reserve Your Space

Tickets to Huck Finn Jubilee are generally available for purchase shortly before the festival begins. You may buy a camping pass along with your ticket to reserve space for your car or RV. You may also purchase camping tickets for cars or tent camping the day of the event, but be advised that space may be limited—or not available. RV camping space is only available to those who purchase tickets in advance.

  • Car Camping
  • With a car camping pass, you’ll not only receive a 3-day festival pass but a 9-by-22-foot space for your car and any camping equipment. The car camping area is separate from the Jammers’ Campground, which is where a lot of the after-concert fun takes place!

    You will also receive a sticker for your car that will allow you to come and go as you please so you can enjoy the many restaurants and other points of interest available throughout the Greater Ontario area.

  • Tent Camping
  • Spaces for tent camping are available only on a first-come, first-served basis, (unlike car and RV space), so get there early! If there is no room left, here’s a tip: If you’re with someone who’s camping in an RV, you may set your tent up in the Jammers’ Campground as long as it fits within the allotted space.

    With tent camping, you can’t bring your car; you can unload your equipment near the campground, but you must park the vehicle at a designated parking area. As the space for tent camping is limited, be prepared to get cozy with your tent neighbors.

  • RV Camping (Jammers’ Campground)
  • As mentioned, all campers in RVs must purchase tickets in advance. RVs and motorhomes with a camping pass will camp in the Jammers’ Campground, the after-hours hotspot of the Huck Finn music festival. Bring your banjo, mandolin or bass and jam away with fellow festivalgoers well into the night (until quiet hours kick in)!

Can I…?

Festival camping does come with its dos and don’ts, of course, so read along to see what you can do at Huck Finn.

  • Build a campfire or have a barbecue?

  • Yes! The only requirement is that they are in approved, controlled containers.

  • Swim in the lake?

  • No, but you can swim in the water park pool! The lake is reserved for paddleboats and fishing—you wouldn’t want to become a fisherman’s prize!

  • Bring alcohol?

  • Yes, but only if you have a valid camping ticket and it may only be consumed at your campsite. For those wanting to enjoy a drink at the festival itself, Huck Finn Jubilee boasts an on-site beer garden stocked with enough brews and beverages to go around!

  • Bring a cooler?

  • Yes, but only if you have a valid camping ticket. The festival also has plenty of food—steak, chicken, ribs, hot dogs, ice cream, breakfast and more—all available for purchase throughout the festival.

  • Get money somewhere?

  • Yes, there is an ATM located in the Food & Crafts Village.

  • Bring my dog?

  • Yes, but only if you are camping in an RV at Jammers’ Campground. Your dog must be leashed and it may not enter the show area. Tent and car campers are not permitted to bring dogs.

  • Stay over on Sunday night?

  • Yes! Although the Huck Finn Jubilee ends at 9 p.m. on Sunday, you may camp through Monday morning for just $20 per unit. You can pay in advance or even on Monday morning when you leave.

  • Have a friend stay overnight at the campground?

  • Yes! All you have to do is purchase an overnight wristband for each guest at the gate for $35.

  • Use a generator?

  • Yes, except during “Camp Quiet Hours” from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. Also, if your generator is just too darn noisy, we may ask you to turn it off.

  • Shower?

  • Yes! They are open each day from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Instead of spending just the day at Huck Finn Jubilee, spend the whole weekend! With the amenities provided, you’ll feel right at home—with your giant bluegrass family.

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Will there be water for the campers?

    Hi Cathy. I reached out to the festival organizers and asked that question for you. They said that onsite services for pumping and fresh water must be reserved in advance is for a fee. They gave me a person to contact – Shelly McNaul at – who can add you to the list. Hope this is helpful!

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