Huck Finn Jubilee

This is your destination for all things bluegrass and the Huck Finn Jubilee, where the banjos are always playing and that high, lonesome sound is heard above the rest. Whether you’re a bluegrass, newgrass, or jamgrass fan, join us to celebrate America’s favorite music genre and the festival that brings it to the West Coast, the Huck Finn Jubilee. Here I will discuss bluegrass in general, especially its complex history and importance in American culture, as well as the festival itself. I hope that by bringing more attention to bluegrass that more people will fall in love with the genre and help keep it alive among old fans and potential new fans, as the interest in such music among younger generation is fading. And now, with the changes happening within the Huck Finn Jubilee (one of the best bluegrass festivals in the country), I wanted to develop a place where fans of this legendary festival can come and share their stories of years past and the future.

I would love to hear from other Huck Finn Jubilee fans (and, of course, bluegrass fans that are not yet acquainted with the festival). If you have any stories, photos, or opinions about Huck Finn Jubilee or bluegrass in general, please share! I’m always looking to meet new bluegrass fans that already enjoy Huck Finn Jubilee; if you’ve never been, I’m happy to introduce it to you. Feel free to contact me!

huckfinn jubilee 2015

A Recap of Huckfinn Jubilee Bluegrass Music Festival 2015

This year, I went to the Huck Finn Jubilee with an open mind. Last year was the first year under the complete purview of the Greater Ontario Convention & Visitors Bureau, and there were some complaints that it had moved too far away from the days of the Tucker family. Because I have been attending the festival for so many years, though, I wasn’t willing to abandon it.
And I am glad that I didn’t.

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steve martin huck finn jubilee 2015

Steve Martin and Steep Canyon Rangers Join Huck Finn Jubilee 2015

As we creep closer to this year’s Huck Finn Jubilee—now just over a month away—the lineup continues to expand. The latest addition, announced on Friday morning by Huck Finn Jubilee officials, is a very pleasant surprise: skilled entertainer and award-winning banjoist Steve Martin and his longtime collaborators, the Steep Canyon Rangers, are set to join the festival.

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huck finn jubilee

Huck Finn Jubilee Is A-Comin’

With so much to do, see, and hear, your average festivalgoer is liable to get overwhelmed (in a good way) at Huck Finn Jubilee — especially if you’ve got the family with you. At the end of the day, everyone’s experience will be different, depending on their tastes and energy.

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kids and bluegrass music

Getting Kids Into Bluegrass

Broaden your child’s musical horizons by introducing them to a variety of musical genres, including a truly American one—bluegrass. You may think that most of the music that kids listen to today incorporates few, if any, bluegrass influences (although this is not true), and that they will balk at what they hear. Alternatively, dragging kids to a bluegrass festival brings to mind scenes of squirming toddlers, whining nine-year-olds, and sullen teenagers. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s all about your (and their) attitude.

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blue grass love songs

A Love Song in Every Genre: The Bluegrass Version

American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote, “Music is the universal language of mankind.” It makes sense, then, that a love song written in one musical style conveys the same sentiment when performed with vastly different instruments, at a different tempo, and with a different voice.

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top blue grass festivals

The Top 10 Bluegrass Festivals in the U.S.

Though originally founded in the east of the U.S., bluegrass music fans span the country. If you’re itching to get your live bluegrass fix, take a look at this list of ten bluegrass festivals in the U.S. that are great for everyone—longtime bluegrass fan to newbies alike!

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huck finn jubilee festival

An Interview With Fans of Huck Finn Jubilee

Since Huck Finn Jubilee left the hands of the Tucker family and moved to Ontario, I—as a longtime fan of the festival—had some reservations. After all, Huck Finn Jubilee has brought together thousands of bluegrass fans and families over Father’s Day weekend to celebrate and enjoy the genre for many, many years.

There have been quite a few changes this past year.

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